I love connecting on Facebook on several different Facebook pages! There is my First Editions page..Mary Kay Jasinski ( Mary Kay ABBLETT), Marykayscatering.com on Facebook..the list goes on. I just learned how to link these pages on Facebook. I am a food oerson….after years of

Managing a Dental Office and being its Co-Owner..running my own Catering business..Mary Kay’s Catering I was now finally retired but still needed an outlet for my Food Related Energy. I began in 2010 on selling things on Ebay. At the same time I was writing a Memoir Cookbook with my Mom’s Recipes..my Own from that 40 plus years of Catering and Cokking Classes at Wellman’s Cookstore in the Holiday Star Tower. I worked there with a Caterer friend til the day it closed and worked the closing Sale! It was a sad day for me, with my friend, and of coarse the Wellman’s. We loved that fun job doing what we loved..selling gourmet products, having classes we would design to please the Gourmet Clients we had everyday in the store. In those days there were lots if stay at home Moms who considered a French Cooking Class as Entertainment with samples as we went along. I loved those Classes. It was the 1980s and people had extra income to spend on themselves..Calpalon POTS AND PANS that would last you a lifetime.

I am just finally replacing mine because they continue to stick unless constantly being reseasoned in the stove after being slathered with olive oil and put in a low temperature oven to render a nonstick surface. My New pan set came from Evine and Paula Deen’s Sons. It has a nonstick surface much like that on an old set if cast iron enamel wear. Eggs slip out of the pan. There is no maintenance.

It was only $150 for the whole set when one of my Calpalon pots would have cost that!

How my. Life has changed. This year in will turn 70 years old! That’s a Benchmark. I am finally divorced from a man I lived with and had a business with since 1972. That’s a long married life. He suddenly died over the Christmas Holiday. This was somehow common in his family. It was the reason the Holidays was not always VERY MERRY as their family remembered their departed members that died around this time. Now my daughter’s family and especially the grandchildren he spent hours with babysetting, running them to dance classes, football games all the things a grandparent living In the same town loves to do. By that time he and I had separated and eventually I did a DO- IT-YOURSELF- DIVORCE. Life doesn’t always turn out the way you expect! Never did I expect to get a divorce. I was a very Catholic Girl when we married in 1970. We weathered many storms. And stayed together thru taking care of my Aging Parents for two years. It was a special time for me. Demanding but delicious with time fur me to take my Mom fur Lunch. Go with her shopping. Watch myboarents then in their 90s still devoted to each other everyday.

My Mom would say to my Dad in her slightly affected By a little Alzheimer’s ” YOU’RE GOING TO BE MY BUDDY, AREN’T YOU FREDDY?”

By that time we had already had their 50 Year Anniversary party at our home nextvfmdoir to our

Dental Office! All their nieces and nephews, my Moms oldest living sister Loretta, and their treasured friends came for a day that turned out to be an over 100 degree scorcher. We danced in our dining room where we moved all the dining room furniture out and installed a one man band and a videoographer who recorded the day. My Mom treasured that video especially after giubg home to California and that sister died but in her movie she and her family allvsat ofc the living room watching them open their presents. The presents no one was supposed to bring. I made much if the food but orders a very special buttercream Basket Weave Cake made by Louis Retailleaux himself..a French Master Chef I had worked fur and been trained by for two lucky years in My Life! The only female employee they ever had. Doing what I loved and still love creating fabulously French Food. Only now in my home kitchen I teach on Facebook! Its Mary Kay Jasinski cause I can’t figure out how to change the Title of that oagecand now have unknowingly done something incorrect and can’t post to my own other pages. So goes the Life if the non techy Food Person who just loves cooking and sharing that knowledge with others. My ultimate goal us to enroll people in live online cooking lessons.

Hope you enjoy my page at Mary Kay Jasinski on Facebook, Marykayscatering.com also on Facebook and many other Facebook pages I have finally learned how to link making it easier for me to keep track of my eBay business as well as the online free cooking school with live events and videos posted everyday. Its exciting to do a live show. I need a tripod to film myself. I gave a Brand Manager who counsels me on what I need to do. So lucky to have Marilee Popovich of Popovich

Designs as my helper. She’s a most knowledgeable advertising writer if her own pages also on Facebook plus she has been my cooking student in occasion and took the mist exciting food pictures she allows me to use to this day. Its so important to seek out a professional in These things.

I have my own favorite food bloggers and authors of distinguished cookbooks.

Cone back next time andcfibd out who I consider the best if the best Food Bloggers and authors the worlds most exciting COOKBOOKS! My Passion!

January 2018

Mary Kay’s Catering and Cooking School.